I made a trip down to Los Angeles recently for the 626 Night Market, however, there’s also a lot of REALLY amazing eats all over LA that it almost makes me want to move back. So, just in case you missed the 626 Night Market but have an upcoming LA […]

10 Places You Must Try in Los Angeles

“Hey! I’m in Portland, any food recommends?” Messages like this come over to me all of the time…and I love it! It gives me the inspiration to write blog posts. A few months ago, I went to Portland and took my parents around to a bunch of our favorite Portland […]

What You Should Eat In Portland

Let’s talk about everything 626 Night Market, and my latest obsession. How many of you saw fabulous pix pop up on your feeds with all of the beautiful glory that is the 626 Night Market? Well, this year, I was so intrigued that I just had to join in on […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Go to the 626 Night ...

In this series, I’ll be posting about all of the new restaurants that I’ve been trying out. They’ll predominantly be from the Puget Sound region since I’m based out of Seattle. If you want a more “real-time” update on my reviews, you can follow me on Yelp! Fat’s Chicken & […]

Eat Around Seattle: June 2017

Oh, Brussels! I had such a short and condensed time while visiting Brussels (2.5 days) but it felt like a much-needed break from our 1-night stays we had in Bruges and in Ghent. I’ll keep this post short, simple, and sweet since I made a video that highlighted all of […]

My Top Highlights From Visiting Brussels

On November 23rd, we took the train from Amsterdam, Netherlands into Antwerp, Belgium. It was our first European train ride and it was much fancier than the train I took in Bangkok to Ayutthaya. We rode on Thalys and headed to pick-up our rental car from Europcar. It was super […]

A Two-Week Excursion in Europe: Things to Do In Belgium ...

“I’m starving,” I leaned over and whispered to Hung. “Do you think they feed us on this flight?” After sitting on the flight with only about two hours left until we arrived in Iceland, I realized that I had not done my homework and apparently, this was a budget airline. […]

A Two-Week Excursion in Europe: Things to Do In Amsterdam ...

Travel Secrets
Travel is expensive. I know. However, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think it is. A lot of my friends and family tend to think of vacations as all-inclusive resort getaways in paradise. If this is the case then yes, your travel is most likely going to […]

My Three Trusty Travel Secrets

“Now, I ain’t much of a poet but I know somebody once told me To seize the moment and don’t squander it ‘Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow So I keep conjuring, sometimes I wonder where these thoughts spawn from (Yeah, pondering’ll do you wonders. […]

Two Steps Back in a Journey To Success

“I’m melting, I’m melting,” I kept repeating in my head as I walked through the humidity and heat that contrasts my Pacific Northwest comfort. Southeast Asia and literally anywhere with humidity tends to not be my first choice of travel. My inner grump comes out and my patience wears thin […]

5 Eye-Openers I Didn’t Expect From Cambodia

If there’s anything that I love in life, it’s learning. Travel has been my platform of choice to continually push myself outside of my comfort zone and into the learning zone. Recently I took my first trip to Europe, London specifically. This trip I had (ignorantly) assumed that since it’s […]

Three Lessons I Learned from London

Let’s try something new here. I want to launch a newbie’s travel series because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where I travel and how I make it happen. This post (along with others to follow) is dedicated to you! You only have one month left! That’s right, […]

5 Road Trip Myths You May Be Falling Prey To

“But how do I do it all?” I’m constantly asking myself this question. “How do I possibly accomplish everything that I want to accomplish?” My mind frequently jumps from topic to topic of everything I want to accomplish in a short time frame. This isn’t new, I’ve always been this […]

5 Tricks to Prioritize What You Want Most Out Of ...

So I was wrong. I’ll admit it. Boise was always an easy target when you grew up in the Salt Lake valley. Sure, Boise probably makes fun of Utah (as they should), but Salt Lake City is bigger and something we could pride ourselves on. I mean really, what’s in […]

Why is Boise a Great Road Trip Stopover?

Utah has culture? Yes. Some of you non-Utahns may be surprised to hear it, but Utah does have some great summer festivals. My favorite is the Obon Festival. Once a year I make the trek back to my home town of Salt Lake City, Utah for my favorite day of the […]

The Rising Sun Meets Salt Lake City