Welcome Millennials!

Happy New Year! Am I little late on that one? Oops. Well I hope that 2014 is a better year for many. Let me introduce myself. I am Brittany Danyelle. I’m a 26 year old wandering millennial living in the beautiful city of Seattle. I was born and raised in Utah. After discovering a bit more of the world and how much it has to offer I soon decided the little city of Salt Lake wasn’t big enough for me and my dreams. I moved to Los Angeles for school which I graduated in Digital Media and found a job and internship up in Seattle. I love it here. I’ve lived here since 2010, I had a short 6 month spurt when I moved back home to Utah after I was laid off but once again found a way back up to this majestic city.

You could say I haven’t followed the traditional path of most (or many) millennials my age. Many millennials (especially in Utah) graduated high school, graduated from college (and some on a mission), then immediately began their families. I would say I’m a true wanderer. I graduated high school with almost my Associate’s completed but I had no idea what direction I wanted to go into for my major. I took classes at the University of Utah and still didn’t find what I was “passionate” about. Finally after two years I decided to go to attend art school (FIDM) in LA. It was difficult. I had homesickness all the time. I started taking online classes with the University of Utah (the U) again. I then decided to move to Seattle since I wasn’t the biggest fan of Los Angeles. I had a part time job and a part time internship both in digital media. Digital media wasn’t something I was passionate about. I felt I needed more people interaction instead of sitting in front of a computer all day.

I gradually followed more opportunities and “fell” into marketing and event planning for a corporate company producing our company presence at some of the biggest tech trade shows in the nation (CES, E3, MacWorld, PAXWest, GDGT, etc). I finally found myself. THIS was what I wanted to do. THIS was my passion and my love. After a short year and half of employment the company decided to “trim the fat” with the economic down turn of the times. Most all of the marketing & sales department was laid off. This was in 2012. Ever since that time, I have been struggling to find another great opportunity doing what I finally found I was passionate about.

For two years I volunteered as the Marketing/PR Chair for a local professional development non-profit. It’s been the most inspiring time of my life. My term ended in December (2013) and I was elected as the new Event/Program/Gala Chair for the next two years (2014-2015). I’m excited to take this opportunity and really grow and learn from it.

I say I didn’t take the traditional path because well, I’m 26 and I’m still working on my Bachelors (I know, I’m a failure don’t get me started. I’m about 45 credit hours over what’s needed to graduate. I’ve just procrastinated a few necessary classes)  and also because now I’m enrolled in a Marketing Management Certificate Program at the University of Washington. I just love to learn and can’t imagine “just working.” I’ve always done both or overloaded myself with LOTS of work or LOTS of school. I like to keep busy and my mom always tells me to slow down and enjoy the moment.

I’m currently job searching for something stable with good benefits to achieve the American Dream that fewer and fewer millennials believe is achievable. I’ve done the networking conferences, galas, mixers etc. I’ve done the professional development workshops and continue to do so. I volunteer. I do everything all the “gurus” tell you to do to get to that dream job. I’ve spent weeks, applying to multiple jobs every day, in fact, I like to say that it’s my part time no pay job. I’ve received job offers (twice) that somewhere fell through and I never heard from the company ever again. I’ve had positions dissolve after I interview and the company decides to change the role. I’ve dealt with going to interviews weekly, panel interviews, group interviews (with 30 other candidates & 6-8 hiring managers), 6 hour interviews, interviewed for jobs where the job description followed my resume experience perfectly. I’ve flown to another state for an interview, interviewed for almost minimum wage jobs, interviewed for jobs that only require I’m 18+ and have a GED or my diploma. I’ve interviewed for jobs where the HR personnel were trying to talk me out of the job because they told me it would be monotonous and boring and I’ve achieved so much at such a young age am I sure I wanted that job…(sometimes I feel I’ve done it all). In fact, most interviews I leave feeling as though it went over really well and almost as if it wasn’t an interview at all because we were laughing, conversing and “talking shop”. I always send thank you letters and follow up. Dealing with this continual rejection is difficult, depressing and hard to push on sometimes. I’ve cried over jobs I wasn’t even passionate about, but it’s all because I was hurt and wanting to give up.

I just sometimes don’t understand. I don’t feel entitled to a job, I know it takes hard work and I’m willing to put in the hard work. What I don’t understand is that I think I’m a pretty likable character. I have an educational background, I have corporate, retail, managerial, customer service, volunteer, marketing, event, social media experience and yet I get no where. Scratch that. I always make it to the “final round” of the interview process but I never quite get that job.

 You know what response I get from many millennials is? “Hey, at least you’re getting interviews.” WHAT? Is this the norm? Are many well educated professionals (friends I’ve met up here) who have also been laid off not even getting interviews? The solution that many have told me, start my own business doing marketing and planning events. Maybe one day, lets take it a step at a time. Blogging was intimidating to me and now that we’ve got this started…there’s a world of possibilities 😛 

If you’re a millennial, or even if you’re not but you can relate. There’s many of us here in this mess with you. Hang in there, because sometimes I feel I need the support too. Now I didn’t say all of this so that I get the pity. I say all of this so that eyes are opened to the still difficult economic times that our society is in. So that people understand that “just going out and getting a job” isn’t the easiest task and probably one of the most hurtful things people who have never endured this struggle can say to an individual in a situation like mine. Please understand, all millennials are not the self-centered, entitled, spoiled brats that every other generation thinks. We’re trying. We’re trying our best. Because the thing that drives me the most insane and pains me the most is knowing I’m not returning the favor and providing for my grandparents and parents as I wish and thought I could be by now.

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