New Direction – 2015

It’s a new year which means new commitments and new life goals. With that being said, I’m taking my blog into an entirely new direction. Already I have moved all of my content over to be a self-hosted blog. Here’s why:

After months, even years of feeling frustrated, needing change and overall being stuck with where my life is going I really sat down and decided to figure out what my true goals are in life. I kept coming back to travel. Travel is my number one goal. Travel speaks to me like nothing else can. I love culture, food, and learning and travel is the one thing that feeds this hunger for growth. So why aren’t I doing more of it? Traveling a few times a year does not feed this hunger. So what am I waiting for? I will become a serial traveler.

I am now setting up the blog to have clear direction of what speaks to me and millions of others in four easy categories:

  • The Journey –  I will document all of my hardships that I come across in achieving my dream of becoming a serial traveler. I’ve read of so many people that become serial travelers, but they never speak to how they do it. Somehow they just up and left their good paying job or came from money (or so it seems).
  • Escapes – These are the trips, getaways and documentation of the glorious places traveled to near and far. These include the little getaways and all the way up to when I achieve becoming a serial traveler.
  • Dream Catchers – These are the people that achieved their dreams. No matter what it was, they caught their dream after friends, family, and loved ones told them they couldn’t do it. They harnessed that negativity and turned it around to empowerment.
  • NomNomNom – Who doesn’t love food? I am a self-proclaimed foodie and these adventures give sneak peeks into culture near and far.

It is with this new direction that I hope you will join me on my journey and support me in the upcoming scary yet exciting endeavors! Let me know if you’d like to be featured as a Dream Catcher, I want YOU to inspire ME and everyone else out there to truly find themselves and tell them to follow their dreams.

Eat Well & Travel Safely,



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