Technical Difficulties

Hello Wanderers!

A big part of the journey is my day to day getting the blog set up. I’m a bit behind on posting because as you all know, life gets ahead of you. I’ve been reading as many blog books I could get my hands on to figure out what I got myself into!

You never know what comes up. I had thought this would have been easier. Set up a quick blog, blog about adventures, done. Not so fast, tasks I had to check off of my “to do” list ended up taking longer than I had planned.

About two months ago I was working on getting Google Apps set up and ran into some issues. You know those times that you literally sit at a project and stare at it trying to figure out how to fix the issue? I was getting so frustrated because I’m not analytical at all and this was demanding a more analytical mind set. I just wished someone could come in and set all of this stuff up for me (for free). Once I talked to HostGator’s customer service we were able to get everything up and going and I was SO relieved!

One month ago after feeling overwhelmed and behind with just about everything pertaining to the blog I finally sat down and started setting up Wandering Millennial’s social media channels. We now have a Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

Next, I wanted a logo. I wanted to be professional. I wanted business cards. So I turned to I found a great graphic designer that did my logo design with VERY little direction and sent it over in all file formats along with my business card design for just $90!

Business Cards

Business cards completed!

Lastly, the final issue has been getting Google AdSense and Google Analytics set up. After a few weeks of part procrastination and part frustration I was able to get it set up this week! Not only that, but I was able to get my newsletter account set up with MailChimp.

Now that so much of the back end is figured out I’ll hopefully be able to focus on posting! If you’re a blogger let me know what tricks you’ve used and any advice you may have.

Happy Traveling!



Planning out the blog schedule!

Planning out the blog schedule from downtown Seattle!

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