The Realizations of Becoming a Foodie Snob

“I can’t believe they ate Subway! Who does that?” I exclaimed in disbelief.

“I know, you’re in a different city for the first and probably last time why wouldn’t you try some of the local foods? We have such great food up here!” Hung added to our astonishment.

And in that moment, I realized we were foodie snobs. The realization hit me like a bag of bricks.

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We had some friends come up to visit last weekend from good ol’ Salt Lake City. They brought the parents and the parents were “fine with just getting McDonalds,” if I’m to quote them directly. They reminded me of my dad when he comes up to visit me. He says the exact same thing and I always shake my head in disbelief.

In that bubble of a city (Salt Lake) it seems there’s only fast food and chain restaurants lining the streets with only a few great mom and pop options. I know, I grew up in Salt Lake and I used to think that when the Cheesecake Factory opened it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I used to go to all of these chain restaurants ALL of the time. It wasn’t until after I had moved to Los Angeles and to Seattle that once I returned to Utah for a summer my interest in these chain restaurants and supporting them became minimal. I even quickly grew bored of Salt Lake only a couple weeks in from returning back home. It was this summer of food adventure and finding good local food that Hung and I first met and became good friends before dating.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still eat at chain restaurants…and I will most likely always be a free brand ambassador for Starbucks (even though I don’t drink coffee). However, as I’ve grown to love travel and culture more and more, the more I fully believe in supporting and learning about the locals. What better way to learn culture than through its food?! My only ask for anyone reading is to try and push yourself out of your comfort boundaries. It’s the best way to continually grow and learn.

I know, I know, sometimes it’s hard to change your habits and it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone, but if there’s one thing I will continually LOVE about Seattle it’s that so many people support local. Local businesses support other local businesses. Try to have empathy. Just imagine, if you were a small business owner, just starting out…wouldn’t you want the support of your community? Wouldn’t you want to know you have so much power already behind you to help you grow and succeed in your business?

Any time we have visitors in town, depending on how long they’ll be visiting, we map out a list of options for them to try and can’t wait to share the passion in the foods that we have discovered around not only our city but in other near by major cities as well.

Hung and I are unique in this way I guess. We’re more than happy to drive south to Portland for 2.5 hours to try Nong’s Khao Man Gai or 3 hours north to Vancouver, B.C. for the Richmond Night Markets during the weekends. All in the name of food.

He tends to be more open minded than me, and it’s good because he pushes me to try new foods and I’ve discovered that some I actually love. Although, I do have some limits as far as what I’ll try I think everyone should try to push their boundaries.

Are you a foodie snob? What do you think makes a foodie snob? Leave me comments below!

Happy Traveling,


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