Top 3 Burger Joints of Seattle

In celebration of the 4th of July, what can be more all American than a nice, big, juicy burger. If you’re in the Seattle area here are three of my top favs!

1. 8oz Burger Bar – Local, local, local and organic! Best gourmet burger around town. Located in the Cap Hill area, their burgers are probably the juiciest and tastiest¬†. If you know your poutine though (pictured below shows the short rib poutine), I’d skip getting the poutine at any American joint and wait until some Canada grubbin’ for the legit stuff. You’re pretty much safe with any burger you order here!

8oz Burger Bar for the win!

8oz Burger Bar for the win!

2. Katsu Burger – If you’re up for a fusion burger. This. Is. The. Spot.¬†Now, with multiple locations this unique deep fried (hence katsu) burgers, choose from the beef patty, chicken breast or pork loin. I usually order their Ninja Deluxe and change out the pork cutlet for a beef patty. Now, do you like curry? I LOVE curry so make sure to order their curry fries. You can choose a dipping sauce from a variety of about 6 different ones. I’m just that obsessed that I get the curry dipping sauce. Next, you can’t forget the milkshake! Their chai milkshake is to die for and I’ve heard others rave about the green tea shake.

Katsu burger

Katsu burger

3. Uneeda Burger – We happened to stumble upon this gem late one night. We had raced all the way north of the Fremont area to try some ramen, but we were closed out even though we arrived 30 minutes before their closing. We were upset and disappointed and driving around for something open because we were both getting hangry – anger due to hunger. We were driving through Fremont and I’d seen some Instagram, Yelp and Facebook friends check-in and post pictures of Uneeda Burger so we decided to try it. It was about 20 minutes before closing now and we were half expecting to be turned away. They were awesome. This place provided great service, and they were super accommodating and friendly. I don’t have an image of their food because we wanted to hurry and eat and get out of their way so they could close up, but just take my word. This place is a must to stop at and by far has the service to compliment the delicious dish.

Those are my top 3 burger stops in the Seattle area. What are some of your favorites? Are there some other joints I should try out? Leave me any comments below!

Thank you and happy 4th!



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