5 Road Trip Myths You May Be Falling Prey To

Let’s try something new here. I want to launch a newbie’s travel series because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where I travel and how I make it happen. This post (along with others to follow) is dedicated to you!

You only have one month left!

That’s right, one month left of summer and that’s it. As many of you are sad to see the warm summer months slip away through your fingers, I am counting down the days until the cool brisk fall air finally arrives. Since you have such a short time left of summer, why don’t you make the most of it?

“How?” you may ask.

Take a last minute vacation. Summer months typically mean skyrocketing plane fares and hotel prices to match, but don’t let that discourage you. I challenge you to take a road trip.


Road trip from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington

Road trip from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington

1. Gas costs too Much to leave

Although gas prices are up, road trips don’t have to be painfully expensive. The cost always depends on your vehicle. For instance, years ago I knew that the purpose behind my new vehicle I was purchasing was road tripping.   That’s why I decided to go with a simple gas mileage friendly, small, reliable, 4-door sedan.

“What if I already have a gas guzzler?” you ask.

Easy. Cut costs by inviting friends, family and loved ones along on your journey. You can easily have your costs split at least in half!

2. You’ll spend too much eating out everywhere

This one’s always difficult for me. Every time we hit the road back to Salt Lake City (a 12-13 hour drive) we spend so much on Starbucks and munchies. A couple of times we’ve done really well with pre-planning and packing out our meals. Not only is this healthier but you can save a pretty penny this way too!

Typically we end up making and packing about 4 sandwiches, a bag of mixed nuts, a bunch of bananas, pre-cut apples slices with a small container of peanut butter and honey, and a bag of carrots. Once my mom made us little bento boxes of teriyaki marinated chicken and onigiri gohan (rice balls), it was delicious!

For drinks, I can manage with just water, but Hung always needs his caffeine to stay awake. We’ll grab a 4-pack of Starbucks espresso shots for him. This already dramatically cuts costs since each Starbucks drink typically costs about $4.50+.

Our best travel companion for this trip is our cooler. I have a mini one that we used to use but Hung insisted on getting this bigger one on wheels and it works better for us.

3. Road trips mean traveling far distances to great big cities

Probably my favorite thing about living in Seattle is that I’m a short 3 hour road trip away from two other cities (Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR). There are many of you that may not have this luxury. I lived in Utah, the closest thing was a 6 hour drive to Las Vegas. Trust me on this, it got boring fast since it seems to be the only travel a lot of people from Utah do (or a 10 hour trip to Los Angeles if you want to travel BIG).

Look around, without a doubt there’s a smaller neighborhood you haven’t explored yet. A lot of these places were nearby islands that I could take ferries to. I went to Bainbridge Island and Vashon Island. Sometimes you just need to get away and have a different vibe. I get it! Guaranteed you can find something nearby.

4. The only road trip you can do is the little town two hours away

On the flip side, many people can’t possibly see staying in a car for longer than 2 hours. Try to explore! Make a long distance trip a bit more engaging by seeking out smaller towns you can visit along the way. It doesn’t always have to be a “point A to point B” trip. Enjoy the journey, you may never know what you run into! I had a pleasant surprise when we stopped in Boise on our way Salt Lake City.

5. it’s so uncomfortable

It doesn’t have to be! We are obsessed with our travel pillow. I used to hate these things, they never worked well in planes. Well, I have now found the best use for one. Hung and I carpool to work most days and whoever rides passenger is usually laying back lounging with this on. Normal pillows get too bulky. Also, look into getting a blanket, I love it because Hung likes the car really cool and I get chilly. Also, it works really well as a shade if you have to change in the car. We always scrub out in our sweats or PJs and wear flip flops or other shoes that are easy to remove.


Road trip to Wendover, Nevada from Salt Lake City, Utah

Road trip to Wendover, Nevada from Salt Lake City, Utah


Now that you know the myths you need to leave behind where are you taking off to? #WMRoadTrip on your adventures so we can follow! Also, how do you like my new image style? This will be the new official Wandering Millennial look 🙂


Happy Wandering,


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