Two Steps Back in a Journey To Success

“Now, I ain’t much of a poet but I know somebody once told me

To seize the moment and don’t squander it

‘Cause you never know when it all could be over tomorrow

So I keep conjuring, sometimes I wonder where these thoughts spawn from

(Yeah, pondering’ll do you wonders.

No wonder you’re losing your mind the way it wanders.)”

Eminem and Rihanna pound through my ear buds as I stare off into space in complete frustration and determination. The music drowns out all noise in the busy Starbucks I’ve nestled into as my office for the afternoon.

I’ve come to a roadblock and my mind has become my worst enemy. My chest aches of anxiety, my heart beats with passion, and my mind wanders and wants what’s next. I’m trying to control my thoughts. Remain positive and push forward. Easier said than done.


I’ve always been a “wantrepreneur” – a person that wants to be an entrepreneur. How to make it happen has been my difficulty. As I guess it is for many. My enemy (my mind) thinks of a handful of ideas, with no clue on how to execute. I guess this is my weakness. Self-doubt creeps in. My heart needs to travel. If there’s anything I know in my heart, it’s that I’m determined to be successful and I’m determined to travel.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

I’m committing to myself and to you to spend more time working on my personal brand. Defining my brand. Building my social media channels. Becoming consistent in executing my side projects. One day, I’m confident my passion and determination will succeed.

Life lesson of 2016, sometimes you need to take two steps back in your journey to succeed. Push through. Fight for everything you want and you will succeed. No one said it’s an easy journey. What’s your dream? What’s your inspiration?


Thanks Wanderers!



** The Monster by Eminem ft. Rhianna.

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