10 Places You Must Try in Los Angeles

I made a trip down to Los Angeles recently for the 626 Night Market, however, there’s also a lot of REALLY amazing eats all over LA that it almost makes me want to move back. So, just in case you missed the 626 Night Market but have an upcoming LA trip, keep these places in mind!

Aroma Coffee & Tea

Chai tea from Aroma

Aroma is always a classic stop for me. When I lived in LA, 7 years ago…this was pretty much an obsession. I’d make the drive from downtown LA into Studio City just for the chai here all the fricken time. I pretty much recommend this place to everyone. Get the chai, it’s creamy deliciousness and you won’t be disappointed… I mean that is unless you like your chai a bit more “spicy” and authentic. I, however, love creamy and sweet chai and this is the best I’ve found [period].

They have great sweet treats for dessert and a tasty brunch too!

Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong

KBBQ at Kang-Ho Dong

One thing I really LOVE about the KBBQ (Korean Barbeque) in LA, is that they cook it for you right at your table. In Salt Lake City, they make it for you in the back and bring it out to your table. In Seattle, it’s a mix of what you’d find in SLC and other spots you cook your own food at your table. Maybe I’m jaded, but I’m kind of over it. In LA, all of the spots I’ve been to so far bring out the meat then the servers cook on the grill at your table. I love this!

Kang Ho had a decent wait time to get in, but Snow Monster is right across the street so we popped in for a quick Thai tea and some super instagrammable shots.

I loved the epic cheese pull, the corn, and pretty much everything that we ate at Kang Ho’s KBBQ. The service was friendly and I think this will have to be my “go-to” for KBBQ in LA!

Snow Monster

The macaron ice cream sandwich

This place is ALL over on Instagram. As I mentioned, if you wanna do it for the IG go for it! The lightbulb cups for your boba delights engulfed in a massive cloud of cotton candy will entice you. Although the Thai tea here wasn’t my absolute fav… I absolutely LOVED their ice cream sandwich macaron. The thing I loved the most about it was that it was a “build your own” where you decide on the flavor of macaron and the flavor of ice cream that you want…also, they aren’t premade and frozen. I hate that. Usually, the premade frozen ones, end up making the macaron too hard and it loses its fluffy texture. Go here to have it done right!


Milky creamy soft serve with honeycomb

Honeymee is also in Koreatown and oh so tasty! Who would have thought that soft serve with honey would make the best damn combo around? It’s so simple and yet so perfect. The soft serve is super creamy (not icy… I hate that) and the honey is an excellent topping to finish it off.


From their website, it says they’re open every Sunday. I don’t know if this is year-round or a seasonal thing, but either way… look into it and go! I may have made this trip down to LA for the 626 Night Market, but I was SO excited to discover the Smorgasburg LA market to pop into on Sunday during our trip. Some of the vendors had some crossover, but it was great because then I knew I wouldn’t miss out on one of them. Some of the vendors I got to try here were:

  • Goa Tacos

    Delicious pork taco from Goa Taco at                             Smorgasburg LA

Get this! Apparently, Goa Tacos is also at the Smurgasburg in NYC too. I pretty much loved everything about this vendor. The pork belly was on display and slow roasting over coals for 3 hours before they serve it. The taco shell is fried and crispy and the packaging is so convenient and adorable.

You haven’t had musubi like this! These rice balls are unique and flavorful and bring back a little nostalgia for me. I remember as a kid, my mom making little musubis for our family road trips or amusement park outings. Now, what’s so great about this food vendor? They had a variety of different flavors. We tried the tuna musubi and the beef musubi. Since I’m not a seafood lover… I recommend the beef musubi!

  • Wanderlust Creamery

    Ube ice cream and mango sticky rice ice cream in an                                    ube cone!

I may be biased, but I had to get some ice cream here. Not only was it 100+ degree weather out (and oh so very needed), but also, I just love the theme of this ice cream. I got a mango sticky rice scoop and an ube scoop in an ube cone. My favorite of the two was probably the mango sticky rice but both were great! I follow them on IG and so wish I could try many more flavors!

There’s some other really good food vendors that I didn’t eat at Smorgasburg, but I had at the 626 Night Market. Read about the amazing Workaholic dumplings and Shrimp Daddy’s pineapple boat here.

The Bun Shop

Lots of baos at The Bun Shop

I absolutely love Taiwanese pork burgers. So, any tasty treat in a bao, I’m all for. The Bun Shop has delicious non-traditional options. The kalbi and the spam are where it’s at!


The ‘Berries & Cream’ tres leche dessert that’s oh so                                     delicious!

The first time that I went to Portos was years ago when I lived in LA. Apparently, I didn’t treasure it like I should have. I stopped in here because I was reminded of this place from the Buzzfeed Worth It episode when they talked about different cakes at different price points around the city. Portos has a delicious “berries and cream” cake. Once I was here I remembered that I heard good things about the potato balls. So, we ordered pretty much one of everything that was in the case (savory). I can’t believe I forgot about this place. The potato balls are amazing. I wanted to order a dozen and stash them for later … if only we didn’t have a flight to catch soon!

Philz Coffee

The mojito latte is the perfect end to a wonderful trip

Alright, so this one I’ll just have to take Hung’s word for it. Apparently, “they know how to make great coffee.” I don’t like coffee so that’s why I have to divert to his judgment on this one. I saw a lot of posts on Instagram about their mojito coffee so I really wanted to try it out (and most importantly take a pic of it!) We ordered a cup and Hung liked it a lot!

This trip to LA was filled with more food than I could handle and I couldn’t possibly try everything that I wanted to on this trip. I guess that just means that I’ll be heading back for another visit sooner rather than later! What’s your favorite foodie spot in LA?

Happy Wandering,

Brittany Danyelle

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