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The Wandering Millennial is to the millennial out there that is searching for purpose and wondering how they can leave a positive impact in this world. Millennials have been cast out to the “real world” during tough economic times, pushing them into debt with soaring student loans, minimum wage jobs (or no jobs), and a burst of confusion of how to attain the unattainable “American Dream.”

As a wandering millennial I have found inspiration, passion, love, travel, food, and followed the more unconventional path of my peers. I have struggled with acceptance, rejection, lay offs, unemployment, single life, engagement, and betrayal. As I age I become more jaded from all of the negativity that surrounds me and I struggle so that it doesn’t change who I am.

Wandering Millennial was born out of the idea that I want to travel. Not just “2 weeks here” “2 weeks there” kind of travel, but I want to become a serial traveler – picking up and living everywhere and anywhere. Having a blog would not only give me an outlet for my soul, but also hold me accountable to my dream.

This blog has 4 main pillars:

  • The Journey
  • Escapes
  • Dream Catchers
  • NomNomNom (Food)

First, I knew I was going to write about travel (Escapes) and food (NomNomNom). I love culture and learning and both travel and food come into play here.

Next, I had read so many travel blogs about people who are nomads and serial travelers, but they don’t always say how they got to that point. That’s when the concept for The Journey was born. Here I would explain my day to day. Sometimes it’s “how do i do this whole blogging thing” related and other times it’s the books I read, small letters of encouragement, or my mini goals that will help me reach the end goal. The idea is not only for self-documentation, but also I hope it to be inspiring for others that may share a similar goal.

Last and certainly not least, Dream Catchers. I started sharing my goal of becoming a serial traveler with friends and family. To my surprise it was sometimes the person I least expected that wouldn’t support me. They would eye-roll or mock my dreams. I started thinking more about it. I had been told “no” or mocked for my passions and dreams so many times in the past 7 years. You know what happened 7 years ago? I made the decision to not stay home. I made the choice to move away from the familiar. I left my home state of Utah to find my dreams. It was then that I moved to Los Angeles and again almost two years later, I moved to Seattle. Both times I was met with a lack of support from some. (Please note that those that supported me I do not take your support for granted! Thank you for it.) The point here is that sometimes our closest friends, our confidants, our families, and society can be the most hurtful impact to our dreams. ¬†Twenty people can support you, but when one person feeds to your own self-doubt it can destroy your passion. To thank all those that doubted me, and those that mock anyone’s dreams or passions Dream Catchers was born.

You are a Dream Catcher. Dream Catchers are anyone and everyone that has been told they can’t do something, but they went and did it anyway. You followed your dreams. You didn’t let society or anyone tell you what you are capable of. You pushed yourself and embarked on a journey that you were scared to fail, yet you succeeded. You did it. Dream Catchers is the part of the blog I want to celebrate each of you that has achieved your dreams so that we can provide hope and passion for everyone.

With that, thank you for reading my blog and supporting me and my dreams. Engage, ask questions, and share stories. I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at BrittanyDanyelle@WanderingMillennial.com.

“Never let fear hold you back”

— Happy Traveling <3 ¬†BrittanyDanyelle



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