“I can’t believe they ate Subway! Who does that?” I exclaimed in disbelief. “I know, you’re in a different city for the first and probably last time why wouldn’t you try some of the local foods? We have such great food up here!” Hung added to our astonishment. And in that […]

The Realizations of Becoming a Foodie Snob

In celebration of the 4th of July, what can be more all American than a nice, big, juicy burger. If you’re in the Seattle area here are three of my top favs! 1. 8oz Burger Bar – Local, local, local and organic! Best gourmet burger around town. Located in the […]

Top 3 Burger Joints of Seattle

Did you hear?! Paseo? Reopened? Could it be true?! Is this the real deal this time? The old Paseo is back and has undertaken a new identity as Un Bien. As most Seattlites know, the beloved Caribbean sandwich shop was shut down during the latter part of last year. Paseo sandwiches […]

Will the Real Paseo Please Stand Up?

Hello fellow wanderers! As if I haven’t mentioned it enough, one of the greatest things about living in Seattle is how accessible so many other adventures and cities can be! Last weekend Hung and I decided to go on a wonderfully semi-spontaneous day trip to Portland. Now, don’t get me […]

New Portland Favorites

“Wine makes every meal an occasion, every table more elegant, every day more civilized.” – Unknown   Hey Wanderers! Since I moved to the great state of Washington about 5 years ago something I always found so fascinating was all of the little towns in the outskirts of the metropolis […]

Wanna Walla Walla?!

Hello Wanderers! A big part of the journey is my day to day getting the blog set up. I’m a bit behind on posting because as you all know, life gets ahead of you. I’ve been reading as many blog books I could get my hands on to figure out what […]

Technical Difficulties

It’s a new year which means new commitments and new life goals. With that being said, I’m taking my blog into an entirely new direction. Already I have moved all of my content over to be a self-hosted blog. Here’s why: After months, even years of feeling frustrated, needing change […]

New Direction – 2015

Now, the reason I say the “World” of Tokyo. Is because Tokyo shouldn’t even be classified as its own city. It should be its own country, because it is its own world. I can’t say enough good things about how much I love Tokyo. It didn’t matter where we ate […]

The World of Tokyo Day 3

Well, it looks like I’ve been slacking. Considering after my last post about my quarter life crisis I noticed that my first post was in January. Clearly lots has happened between then and now (about 11 months later). I’m not going to waste your time to “play catch up” on my […]

The World of Tokyo Days 1 & 2

Paralyzed, I lay there staring up at the ceiling. The nagging feeling of what must be accomplished today pulling for attention at my brain, but I’m busy trying to pay no mind to it. The big twenty-seven. Friday was my birthday and as I’m looking blankly at the corner of the […]

Just Another Quarter Life Crisis

Happy New Year! Am I little late on that one? Oops. Well I hope that 2014 is a better year for many. Let me introduce myself. I am Brittany Danyelle. I’m a 26 year old wandering millennial living in the beautiful city of Seattle. I was born and raised in […]

Welcome Millennials!